Online EPF UAN Status, UAN Activation Status at UAN Portal

Many amenities have been given by authority to all those workers who contribute within their own organization. If any worker who’s a part of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) however he fails to create his UAN accounts he then can create his UAN accounts by going to the official site of EPF India so that they can make EPFO Login. Those workers who applied for the UAN afterward they can also able to assess the status which the UAN is initiated or not. Every worker can make his UAN account because it have numerous added benefits. Each of the workers of the firm receive all of the information of the PF Account in the internet portal. Each of the workers can get into the monthly update in the PF Account in the official portal site. 12 digit special code is belongs to life to the worker like governemnt is creating 12 digit aadhr card.  UAN always stays the exact same even if you change your occupation. It’s valid for your life and still remains for your life.

Benefits of UAN Activation

  • Faculties can give you free assess the equilibrium from the EPF Account.
  • By this facilities, you can withdraw your amount within few seconds
  • Workers may observe the passbook of their EPF Account.
  • Employees can get their EPF Account from any part of the earth.


How to Activate UAN EPFO Login

There Are Lots of ways to activate of this Universal Account Number (UAN) that are provided below: so some benefits from workers point view has been given

  • Universal Account Number (UAN) doesn’t vary with the change of task of the worker.
  • Universal Account Number (UAN) was provided for its workers benefits.
  • It can not be changed till the duration of their workers.

Way of Publishing EPFO Number

Each of the workers who did not receive their Universal account (UAN) in the provider they then receive the Universal Account Number (UAN) in the internet technique. The procedure to get the UAN is quite straightforward and worker has to every step by step. It is very less time consuming procedure.

  • Employee must go to the support department and as well as click here to go epfo website
  • Subsequently the page will open at your monitor
  • Employee must go to the support department and Click the Know that your UAN Status
  • Click on the Activate your UAN
  • A new pages has been update
  • Then Click the Pin button along with
  • Employee will get a text message on his cellphone no.
  • Enter the trap from the box along with
  • Then Click the submit button
  • Put in your dad’s title, date of arrival and all other essential information.
  • Click on the left button
  • Then a worker could log in into his accounts by inputting the UAN log in ID and password
  • Click on the login button and then
  • Then new webpage will appear on the display and
  • Faculties is able to observe the dash of the EPF account.

Necessity of accessing EPF UAN Status Online

  • Governemnt trying to bring all workers in the Workers’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) have the right to find the Universal Account Number (UAN). Employees can assess the condition of this UAN online. It’s a really straightforward procedure and less time consuming procedure. Employee must stick to every step by step. The Actions to test EPF UAN standing online is given under:
  • To start with employee must visit the official internet portal site of the Workers’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) i.e.
  • Following that the worker will be in the EPFO net portal after which he has to Click the Know that your UAN Status
  • Then the webpage will open onto the display and onto the new webpage, worker must input some info like name, address, DOB and aadhar card
  •  Employee must opt for the nation carefully and that he may also take assistance from the EPF amount because first two digits of the account number signify the title of this country including UP such as Uttar Pradesh, MH such as Maharashtra etc..
  • Opt for the Provident Office Region in which your workplace is enrolled. Employee must find the area carefully and he may also take assistance from the EPF amount because next few digits of the account number signify the title of the area.

Then first five minutes of EPF no. Will automatically packed and You merely need to confirm it using the PF amount you have.Then a worker must input the company no. That can be comparable for all the workers of the business. The organisation no more. Is around 7 digitsThen you need to get into your EPF Account numberClick about the Verify Status button.Then that the webpage will open in your computer display. Faculties can check that the Universal Account Number (UAN) was allotted for him or never. Worker has fill some essential information to check the standing of this UAN such as

  • Name
  • Mobile No.
  • Password
  • Re Input Password
  • Input the Captcha Code

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